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More About Me


Ever since I was introduced to computers at a young age, I have had a love for technology and learning. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and worked towards a career in Information Technology. After a lot of hard work and learning, I relocated to Virginia Beach with my family and now work on the cutting edge of Information Technology. 

My primary work experience has been on the infrastructure-side of IT, but I now incorporate that experience into Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines that deploy infrastructure-as-code (IaC). I strive to deliver a solid infrastructure and delivery platform for businesses to deploy their products. A solid delivery platform allows businesses to decrease downtime, reduce delivery time for new features, increase quality of their products, and provide a competitive edge.

Please reach out and we can discuss how I can help you with your business goals.

Volunteer Work

Hampton Roads VMware Users Group


July 2017 - Current

I serve on the VMUG leadership team for our local chapter and was the founding leader of this VMUG. 

As a leader, I perform the following functions:

  • Schedule and organize group meetings

  • Secure sponsors

  • Create and present content at meetings

  • Perform operational and administrative functions to ensure the VMUG runs smoothly

  • Market the VMUG to drive growth in new membership

  • Participate in volunteer initiatives for various charities

VMUG Volunteering
Ryan Renn VMUG Presentation


I have a love for history and have combined that with my passion for technology to use video editing, machine learning, and AI to restore and enhance historical images and video. I find that these techniques create a higher level of engagement with the audience by making them appear as close to real life as possible.

I have also started tinkering with 3D printing to create models, toys for my children, and utility items for around the house. I've recently incorporated a Raspberry PI with the 3D printer to gain more control over the system and reduce the time to reset between prints.

Yellow 3D Printed Shape

I also dabble in investments. Both traditional and cryptocurrencies. I have been building my portfolio over the last few years and strive to learn more about finance, investing, and business.

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